Pop Up

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Morning Cityscape

Two men asleep on the tube.
One lady trying not to fall asleep.
One man leaps up-
A bubble of language and he is gone.
A ball of peach fire rises above the telecom tower,
Shedding golden splatters as it ascends.
The hazy world of morning is lit up
And the city breathes silently
A deep creature of concrete.
Sound and maze of electricity -
The grey curtain above this molten skyscape
Mirrors the grey of the world beneath.
The city lives and as I travel through it
I am part of the great creature it is.

I found this poem in a notebook from 2002
I wrote it when I was doing early morning commutes from south to north London

 Photo: Pixabay

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Keep a Space - a Poem for #NationalPoetryDay

In the last minutes of #NationalPoetryDay I made a little space for some words to arrive

Keep a space

Keep a space -
For the dreams that dance across the mind
Scattering star showers of inspiration.

Keep a space -
For the precious creative wanderings without
Destination, yet full of magical destiny.

Keep a space -
For the music that sets your spirit aglow
And harmonises the strings of your heart.

Keep a space  -
For the deep, quiet stillness that allows you
To press reset when life is overloaded.

Keep a space -
For the beloveds of your heart's chamber,
Before life moves you on.

Keep a space -
A sanctuary away from the glare of screens,
A garden of natural joys and simple pleasures.

Keep a space -
A space beyond the intellect that jostles to know,
A place where all subsides into the unknown.

Monday, 18 June 2018

The Singing Space

The Singing Space

We Sing
      And let our sorrows be soothed
      In the balm of healing melodies

We laugh
      And let waves of sound roll through us
      Shaking our worries into smiles

We tell our stories
      And are cared for and care for each other
      Without carrying or being carried

We harmonise
      And restore a sense of peaceful connection
      Within and all around us

We stretch
     And grow into a singing space
     Just beyond our everyday world

We pause
      And in the breath between sounds
      Take a moment of restful respite

#CarersWeek Poem dedicated to Croydon Carers Choir

Monday, 21 May 2018

Creative Sprint Day 21 - 31

Creative Sprint Day 21 - Word Window

Text reads


There is a window of words
In this notebook
Words by which I might reflect
Recreate, rewrite myself
And take a new vista on the world
I'm peering out through this
Word-window wondering
Whether you will see or hear me
Or whether these words just
Reflect me back to myself
In the glassy window word pane


Words create a new world
Change the world
With their utterance
Bend perception
Create reflections
By which we bounce off
Each other and
Meet in counterpoint
Corners of meaning - 
There is a nook of listening
Where we might linger
And lean into each other
And find something new to
Refresh our souls....

Day 22 - Create something for an animal/pet

I fell off the creative wagon around Day 22 - but was amazed to have got even that far and actually doing the daily tasks was really healthy in a very busy period. This Sprint I really valued the mutual support and inspiration in the Creative Sprint FB Group - thanks to everyone contributing there and Here's a quick ❤️ and a picture of Colin the Cat 😽 who lives upstairs and a rose from my garden to say thank you for another Great Creative Sprint

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Creative Sprint - Days 15-20

Day 15 - Quick rendition of You Raise Me Up - inspired by CreativeSprinter Regina Wahl’s beautiful picture ... and my choirs who love singing this song 😊🎶


Day 16 - My Name in Reverse


Day 17 camouflaged leaflet boxes for Festival of Peace Croydon

Day 18 A New Word - Episcate  - googly eyed fishiness


Day 19  - Public Place - Love Heart left in my Garden for someone to find

Day 20 - New Hairdo - Dino gets rainbow locks